Christian radio show host and former Major League Baseball pitcher Frank Pastore went home to be with the Lord Monday, December 17, from complications following a November motorcycle accident.

Praying for Frank Pastore Blog

You will never be forgotten always be remembered

Ceasar ramirez Sylmar,calif

Thank you Frank

After my husband passed away in 2009, I went into deep depression and there were days when all that I lived on were the preachings from KWVE, but, there were freeways where KWVE would not come in and only KKLA wld work. I have to have 1 or the other. or I wld be so anxious, because the scriptures were my anti depressants, So, Frank’s booming voice and constant mention of Jesus would perk me up when I was listening to KKLA.Thank God that he never missed a bit. He made me proud as a Christian. Thanks Frank, I will tell U this in person when I see U in heaven. Please tell my darling husband, Dave that I miss him so much.

First Meeting in Feb. 2010

When I attended my Golden Eagles Reunion at Biola University in February 2010, I met Frank and Gina for the first time when Frank was given a special award.

During a visit to the Biola Book Store I had asked Frank to take my photo, and I also took one of them together.

I was shocked to hear the news of Frank’s passing, which was reported in the recent issue of the Biolan. !
My prayers for the Pastore Family.

God bless and comfort each of you in your daily journey.
( 11 Corinthians 1:3,4 ).

Richard K. Backus
Corvallis, OR


Frank Pastore will always live on in my memory. He was a
man of great strength, especially spiritually. His faithfulness
to God, family, and country was so very admirable! He
developed the art of making difficult subjects understandable as well as enjoyable! The times I listened
to his radiocasts were always a great investment that I
will never regret. I praise God that he decided to invest
his many talents in the Lord’s work. His reward will be great
in heaven! I really miss hearing his unique voice on KKLA
at THE INTERSECTION OF FAITH AND REASON. Romans 8:28 is the verse that comforts my heart in his
unexpected time and way of passing from this life to eternity.

Thanks frank

I am really late but I just found out about franks graduation. The very first broadcast that I heard was about immigration in 2006 when I worked at citrus college.. He impressed me and was a listener from that day on. My prayers go up for his wife and family.

Ricky Neilsen

Missing Frank

I really miss hearing Frank on my drive home from work everyday. I feel like I’ve lost a close friend and i’ve never even spoke to him. He was a daily part of my life. I’m blessed and honored to have know him through 99.5.

Wendy Carrillo

Listening for Frank

Since 2009, I became a regular listener of Frank’s show on the way home from work. i was out of town when he had the accident and also when he passed away. Although I did not always agree with him politically, I found his commentary worth lending an ear. Today, I was listening, but I kept saying to myself, where’s Frank? It is still hard for me to tune into the ‘show’ and not expect to hear his voice. I do miss him!
Ann S.

Message to Frank’s family

Dear Gina, Christina and Frank Jr., I want to say how very sorry I am that Frank had this terrible accident and was taken from you way too early. I have listened to him over the years and really admired they way he took on the truly hard issues of our time and sincerely wanted to gain an ever increasing understanding of how to reach people for Christ and help us as believers to grow in our faith. I consider it a personal loss because I won’t have the benefit of listening to his thought provoking and informative show. And it is a loss for the church because he was such a strong witness. I had the pleasure of seeing him MC events at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena where I attend and even met you Gina, once at the radio station when I came to talk with the “Money Guys”. I just wanted to let you know that I think he was a great man and an inspiration to follow. God bless and strengthen you until you meet again on the other side! My warmest regards, Wendy Wagner

Missing Frank Pastore

Missing his passion for all things good and righteous.


I looked forward to Frank’s program everyday. I remember thinking he had some big shoes to fill when Warren Duffy retired but Frank more than filled the shoes. I took my mom to see Frank and Dennis Prager talk about their faith and it was a fantastic program. I miss Frank but look forward to seeing him someday! We were blessed to have Frank for as long we did! Lynden Kneeland